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Toilet Monster Attack Sim 3D

We have just experienced Toilet Monster Attack Sim 3D, a 3D running survival game with mazes and action that can now be played for free in this popular category of meme games. This firsthand experience allows us to explain everything!

Survive our online Toilet Monster Attack Sim 3D!

In first-person view, you move using the WASD keys, run faster by holding shift, and jump with space; thus, these are the basic controls you should be familiar with.

Avoid being captured by the pursuing Skibidi Toilets as you navigate through the mazes to reach the end, or risk losing.

Jump over obstacles and employ speed boosts to move quicker, but keep in mind that each new course and simulation is tougher than the last but also more enjoyable!

We wish you all the best and hope that you will return for more of our wonderful daily games!

How to play

Use WASD and space to move.

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