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The Baby In Yellow 2

The Baby in Yellow is a horror anthology series, and its second season is titled The Baby in Yellow 2.

You are thrust into the terrifying narrative of the brand-new horror video game and placed in a home with a little child who makes a lot of noise. In this game, you won't just have to keep an eye out for the unusual infant, but you'll also have to do some research on the goings-on in the house.

In the horror stealth game The Baby in Yellow 2, your objective is to infiltrate the residence of a neighbor and discover what they have stashed away in their cellar. Play games with a yellow baby that has a high level of artificial intelligence and can respond to your every move.


Baby In Yellow 2 attracts players with its simple controls and 3D visuals. The child is a baby clad in yellow pajamas who initially seems not to be terrified, just like the game's title suggests.

How to play

You begin the game inside the house. There is only you and the child. This home is modest and contemporary; there are no portraits, notes, or anything that identifies the child's parents. On the left side of the display, you will see the game's menu and instructions.

The instructions are separated into steps. For instance, the first responsibility is to feed the infant. Below are instructions on where to obtain the bottle and how to provide the infant's milk. The only thing lacking from the list of steps is that only one item can be carried at a time. This necessitates placing the infant on a chair before feeding him.

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