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Ice Scream

There's a feeling of longing as summer approaches. Somebody who sells delicious, cold ice cream drives up to your neighborhood one day. But things aren't quite as they appear at first glance. The ice cream maker is way scarier than I expected. He'll entice the children with ice cream, then kidnap and imprison them in the truck. Ice Scream is the sound of a kidnapped child's scream. Your mission is to save the children by discovering the ice cream truck's secret.

How to play the Ice Scream game

Before playing, check out its gameplay:

- First, pick a game mode. Ghost, Normal, and Hard are the game modes.

- Next, hide and be silent while exploring. Avoid the monster ice cream man. Be quiet.

- Use the map to get around. This game requires you to explore and find clues. Finding the map unlocks truck travel.


Frankly speaking, Ice Scream is quite simple to play. This game provides players with a stimulating environment as well as numerous dramatic moments. Furthermore, the sound effects heighten the excitement and terrify the players.

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