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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2! To grasp what's going on here, you must investigate the entire factory from top to bottom. There are several stories and rooms, a vast basement, and several secret passages that you must discover. Throughout the action, you will need to solve various puzzles. You'll also find audio recordings and videotapes to shed light on historical occurrences.

You must remain awake! Someone is inside. This figure observes you while remaining invisible, but you get the impression that he is only waiting for the right opportunity to attack. Who might that be? The toy has revolted against the company's staff, which is a horrible fact! These are vicious, terrifying monsters. Your blood! They will not tolerate your presence and will attempt to harass you. If you wish to live, you must be prepared to face a slew of hunters and maintain your calm. Best of luck, and have fun playing!

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