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Based on a true tale from 1989, Granny is a survival horror game. Speculations abound that she abducted her grandson, locked him up, and never released him. Use this terrifying tale as a springboard for creativity. A protagonist is a mysterious person who is trapped inside a mansion. The protagonist must escape the house within five or six days by solving a series of puzzles and dodging the ominous Granny.

How to play the Granny

Players are drawn to Granny because of how basic and straightforward it is to play. The goal of the game is to avoid death and escape the house. This can be difficult because the house's resident insane Granny is hyperaware of any and all noises. If she hears you, she will come looking for you and try to hurt you. You have five chances/days to flee the house before Granny puts an end to you.

The Granny game features

Granny has been praised by critics for its thrilling gameplay and tense atmosphere. Unfortunately, the game's aesthetics were criticized for being too eerie.

In 2018, Granny became a massive hit in the idle horror game genre, and it quickly rose to the position of the second most-viewed video game on Youtube.

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