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FNAF 6 - Five Nights At Freddy's 6

FNAF 6 - Five Nights At Freddy's 6 allows you to build your own restaurant. If you want to score high, make pizza and feed the hungry kids.

How to join

A mini-game that looks like an 8-bit game at the top of the game. In this minigame, the player will be in charge of Freddy Fazbear. The goal is to get pizzas and throw them at people. Then another Freddy character shows up and blocks the pizzas. The mini-game ends at that point and the player moves on to the next screen.

That person is sitting at a desk with a tape recorder and a piece of paper after making a mistake. They're watching a broken version of Circus Baby. Then, the man in the tape tests animatronics by making strange sounds and giving it directions with sound.

When the tape player stops, the damaged toy will look at the screen.

The player is then taken to the game's title screen.

The aim of the game is to buy things from a store that will make your pizzeria more fun, safe, entertaining and profitable. The Guidance Unit also says that the person should not do anything that could get them into trouble with the law.

The player then enters an office with dim lighting, a computer in the middle, and two vents on each side. In this part of the game, the goal is to complete all the jobs on the computer.

If the player saves a robot or finds a lost robot, he or she must also try to prevent the animatronic from reaching the office.

Turn off the computer and the fan to do this. But doing this will increase the temperature. The person will pass out if the office temperature exceeds 120°F. When you turn on the computer and the fan, they make a noise that attracts the animatronics to the office and cools it down.

If the player decides to be advertised, there may be more noise and advertising.

Using a flashlight, the player can find something moving in the vent. Sound can also be used to move animatronics out of the office. When the player turns off their computer at the end of the night, the night is over.

Players will receive a machine found at midnight in an alley. Computer users will be asked if they want to save the doll or send it back to where it came from.

If the moving thing is kept, there will be more money. You won't get the prize if you throw the machine back into the alley, but it will stop running around the pizzeria. If they wanted to save a robot, they couldn't get too close to it. If they do, they will be scared and will not get any more money. The user can use the Taser to move the moving object back to a safe place. But if the taser is used more than three times, the value of the salvaged robot will decrease. You can also save a broken Funtime Freddy, a self-repairing Springtrap, and a black bear without anyone knowing anything about it.

Have fun and good luck!
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