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Backrooms is a series of online stories, videos, and PC games based on the idea of accidentally no-clipping through the walls of our reality and ending up in a never-ending maze of empty corporate office rooms. With its old, moldy yellow wallpaper, constant buzzing of fluorescent lights, and uncomfortable, wet carpeting, the Backrooms is becoming more and more popular among people who like to torture themselves on the internet.

How to play the Backrooms game

In this game, players stumble onto a mysterious location with several abandoned rooms and an endless yellow corridor. They are all too old and dusty because they have not been used in a very long time. To win Backrooms, you must use your skills and ingenuity to locate the quickest route out of this facility.

Backrooms Features

The Backroom captures the atmosphere and spirit of a horror game perfectly. The game offers the amazing graphics, and its fantastic art design and lighting effects set it apart. There is no sanity level system to contend with, as there was in Enter the Backrooms, giving you more freedom to explore without having to replenish your sanity level every few seconds. You can run through the level and simply enjoy the experience.

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