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Clown Nights

Have you ever jumped into the fantastical realm of Clown Nights? Let's say you just started a new job at the circus and have to work seven consecutive nights. At first, it seems like nothing out of the ordinary is happening. But the insane clown will show up at some point. Because of the scary theme, caution is advised. Experienced players of Five Nights at Freddy's will know what to do.

How to play the Clown Nights game

In Clown Nights, players have to avoid the clowns and survive for 7 nights until daylight in this game. Playing Clown Nights requires a mouse. Click the bottom arrows to use the camera and find the clowns. Clicking the screen scrolls to the guard room. You cannot leave because the room is the only secure space. The door and light buttons lock and illuminate, respectively. Beware. Even if it's 12 a.m., conserve energy till 6 a.m. Use the camera and buttons intelligently to conserve energy. Lights reveal danger. Close the door to avoid floating with a clown.


No need for a modern 3D-graphics design, Clown Nights brings players a nostalgic vibe and eye-catching animated art.

Besides, with easy gameplay, this game is suitable for players of all ages.

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