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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a horizontal rhythm game created by developer Robert Topala. Your goal in this game is to soar and jump through danger.

Jump, soar, and flip through treacherous corridors and sharp obstacles to test your skills. Get ready for the challenges in the Geometry Dash universe.


Due to its straightforward rules and mechanics, the game is suitable for novice players.

The difficulty increases from easy to hard to extremely hard.

The best video game soundtracks play on to the next part of the song. There's a nice balance between the engaging gameplay and the beat.

How to play

When the player presses or holds the block, it moves in that direction. Keep in mind that the game's rhythm and your awareness of the passage of time are two crucial components that are often intertwined.

You can leap with the help of the spacebar or the up arrow key.

  • In order to do a series of jumps, press and hold the spacebar or the up arrow key for a considerable amount of time.
  • To go uphill, press the up arrow.
  • To move the car downward, press the down arrow.

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