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Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin', or "FNF" for short, is a fantastic rhythm game that takes the spirit of the popular Dance Dance Revolution.

In this game, you face off against the talented musician father of your girlfriend. If you want to win your girlfriend's heart and impress her father, you'll need to show that you can sing better than he can in a series of rhythm challenges. Playing this game can help you practice your rhythm skills. Join this game and conquer the challenges.


If you are a loyal fan of music games, Friday Night Funkin' is not bad. It offers a variety of modes to broaden your options. Moreover, the eye-catching graphics and outstanding soundtracks are the unique features of this game.

How to play

The story mode can be played at three different difficulties, the hardest of which requires near-perfect timing from players. The free-play mode is ideal for practicing because it allows you to give undivided attention to each song.

Control: Use WASD keys to direct your character’s movement.

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