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Evil Nun Schools Out

One of the games in the Evil Nun series, Evil Nun Schools Out, is an adventure game played from a first-person perspective. In keeping with the style of the previous installments, this is another terrifying horror game in which your objective is to remain alive for five days with a terrifying nun in the same location. Because of your detention, you have to remain in class after regular school hours. The building is big and has several rooms, but they are all empty, with the exception of one room that contains a vicious and psychotic nun who watches you constantly.

How to play the Evil Nun Schools Out game

Your goal in Evil Nun Schools Out is to find a way out of the terrifying abandoned school where you are locked while avoiding the evil nun's deadly glare.

Attempt to survive the five days without being slain by the evil nun who will unexpectedly appear by seeking rooms for essential goods. Turn down the lights and turn up the audio to enjoy the full experience of playing this game and being inside the creepy school.

Use WASD to move, use the mouse to watch, and press F to interact.


Players get a realistic gaming experience and a thrilling feeling thanks to the sound and graphic effects.

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