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Scary Toys The Revenge

Scary Toys The Revenge is an online horror game in which you have to defeat three terrifying dolls. Collect coins and purchase weapons to defeat the monster.

The story Friday Night at Freddy's inspired this game. Do you recall the three characters named Bunny, Teddy, and Ducky? In this game, you have the opportunity to exact revenge on three well-known characters from the FNAF series. You can use a variety of weapons to attack the characters.

How to play

When you play this game, you will initially fight Bunny. Then you'll have the chance to attack Ducky and Ted. You can only play with two left-handed monsters after you defeat the first bunny.

Before confronting the monster, you must purchase weapons from the shop. You start with 50 points and only buy a yellow pencil as a weapon. Then, damage the creatures by tapping the screen or using the mouse.

The variety of weapons available at the shop is impressive.

You have a lot of alternatives in the shop. They include pawns, poison syringes, ninja weapons, TNT, a bomb, a serrated wheel, simple missiles, a barrel of gasoline, a handgun, a machine gun, a sniper rifle, grenades, and supersonic missiles. The more expensive the weapons, the stronger they are.


Stunning graphics and an entertaining game.
Various weapons.
Simple control.
How to control
Click the mouse.

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