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Mineworld Horror The Mansion

Mineworld is scary The Mansion is a great game for you if you like survival games like Minecraft. Try to stay alive in a world where zombies want to eat anything that moves after the end of the world. Try to shoot your way out, but don't waste your bullets.

A game with a first-person mode that is similar to Minecraft. 6 different weapon kinds, including 2 melee and 4 ranged varieties There are more than ten different kinds of zombie horror, and you can shoot and try to get away. beautiful 3D graphics

How to play

How to play

Shoot attack with Mouse 1
Mouse 2: enlarge the view
C: Change camera mode
W, S, A, and D: Move left
X: prone;
Ctrl: crouch Use an object to reload if you jump in space.
H: carry a gun
G: throw a grenade
B: Set timer for bullets
Tab or Esc: Pause

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