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Geometry Dash Horror

The running game Geometry Dash Horror adds an element of suspense to the mix. In other words, this is the horror-themed spinoff of the popular puzzle game Geometry Dash. With Halloween spirit, this iteration of the game challenges us once again with a horrific experience that tests our ability to persevere in a dreadful environment. The game is played by jumping from platform to platform, just like before, but now there are spikes that must be avoided at all costs.

How to play the Geometry Dash Horror game

To progress through the levels and ultimately win the game, you'll need to leap as quickly as you can while avoiding hazards.

In Geometry Dash Horror, you'll be making use of the standard mouse and keyboard controls.


It is advised to play the updated version with terrifying elements. If you appreciate the setting of terrifying stories, the online game Geometry Dash Horror is ideal. You expect the square to give you the same thrilling experiences, but with a new look and a great story.

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