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Garten Of Banban 4

The Garten of Banban series has been praised by critics, and Garten of Banban 4 is the fourth book in the series. Fans of Garten of Banban III and Garten of Banban II are excited to see what the game has in store as a sequel. Even though there isn't much information, the game will continue to explore BanBan's Kindergarten, with the main character going deeper into the secrets it holds.

The Main People in Banban 4's Garten
A big part of this episode is the official debut of Sheriff Toadster, who will play a big part in the story of the game. Along with him, players can expect to meet Zolphius, Tamataki, and Chamataki, as well as a new character only known as "The Jester." All of these characters will be important to the story's development. The protagonist's faithful friend, the Baby Cyan Opila Bird, is also set to make an appearance. Its parents left the team to fight Banban, Stinger Flynn, and Jumbo Josh in the last game, which is why the baby joined the team.

New Kindergarten Sites
Reports say that the game will have new settings set in the Middle Ages and that Queen Bouncelia may make an appearance. Based on how The Jester and The Kingdom look, this idea seems to make more sense.

When will Garten of Banban 4 come out?
Based on when the other games came out, Garten of Banban 4 is expected to come out in July 2023. Fans of the series will definitely be counting down the days until they can dive into BanBan's Kindergarten's newest journey. What would happen if Squidward went crazy and started causing trouble for the people of Bikini Bottom?

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Move W-A-S-D
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L-Shoot: Stop/Settings Esc: Fuse a Flashlight

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