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Garten Of Banban

This particular Garten of Banban is quite different from the majority of the others. The fact that they do not have any children is the primary explanation. Nobody has been seen or heard from since they vanished without a trace. along with each and every adult worker who was employed there. You are responsible for determining what went wrong with the operation. Therefore, you will need to cautiously investigate the Garden of Banban, which will require you to move through deserted and unsettling rooms and corridors while searching through everything in the cupboards and drawers for hints and figuring out puzzles. However, you must exercise caution because you are unable to predict the outcomes of potentially negative events. At this particular kindergarten, there is no question in anyone's mind that there is a problem. This place has way too much silence and nobody in it. It's possible that the children went for a walk. It's unfortunate that the toys have so much dust on them. It seems like a very long time has passed since anyone has been here. So where do they end up, then? In order to find the answer, you will need to do some research. Investigate every nook and cranny of this haunted, abandoned building. Look for hints, and pay close attention to even the smallest of them. Take precautions, because this area might be inhabited by terrifying monsters.

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