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FNAF World

In 2016, a game called FNaF World came out. It's a role-playing and adventure game. In Five Nights at Freddy's, Freddy and his team must cross kingdoms in Freddy's. In this role-playing game, players will control many different characters who work together to protect people from evil and darkness.

In FNaF World, the player moves the protagonist around the map. Players can talk to a number of non-playable characters to complete objectives, battle enemies, and collect treasure. Collect battle cards and wearables. Save the world from extinction. Fight with big bosses with evil powers. By beating minigames, you can gain access to new characters. Find hidden rooms to find out information.

In this role-playing and adventure game, your favorite characters from Five Nights at Freddy's can join your party. Each character has their own special ability, and some of them can learn new abilities as they play. Download FNaF World if you want to use Five Nights at Freddy's projects on your computer or phone.


The graphics are cartoon-style with some horror elements, and they run very smoothly.

Anyone can play FNaF World for free. This RPG is easy to play as it has simple controls. It is created from a side view, and you can move in any of the four directions.

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