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FNaF Shooter

FNaF Shooter is an exciting first-person horror game where you have to chase down a lot of killer robots at night in a deserted town. Five Nights at Freddy's is a scary game where you have to stay alive all by yourself in a creepy arcade full of robotic animals that look friendly but will try to kill you.

Don't stay at the store too late! Every night, cute and funny things come to life. They shut off the power and started looking for the people who were still there. Animatronics are very tenacious. Even if you break a person's arm or leg, they will still come back to haunt you. Stay alive and stop the animatronics from taking over the world!


Are you a fan of horror games but get bored with the traditional gameplay? Then, FNaF Shooter is a great game in which you are able to utilize your shooting skills and real-time reaction as well.

How to play

The gameplay is similar to other versions of FNaF. In this chapter, the biggest difference is that the player has a gun to protect themselves from the toy robots.

Use the mouse and keyboard buttons to control your character as well as your weapon.

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