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FNAF: Night At Foxy's

FNAF: Night At Foxy's is the newest addition to our online FNAF Games category, where we are always working to bring you more new, high-quality content. Since this is already one of our most popular categories, we promise that you will not miss it for anything in the world!

In the FNAF Games, can you survive a night at Foxy's?
You have to watch a shop all night until morning, but you should be afraid of Foxy, a haunting mechanical doll. Use the skip and door buttons on the right side of the screen to keep the door shut and move forward in time.

Make sure you figure out the best time to do it because if your battery dies while it's still night, Foxy will scare you and you'll lose the game. So, figure out the best way to protect yourself, and we're sure you'll win and have fun playing the game every day, as only here is it possible.

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