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FNAF Battle

FNAF Battle transports you to another planet where you will fight Five Nights at Freddy's characters.

How to Participate
Every character has a signature weapon, such as a microphone or a bass guitar. In this game, fighting is really simple. If you successfully block an opponent's strike, they will be stunned for a brief period of time. This allows you to give them a free punch in the face.

You should do all you can to get to the next level. It's not that difficult. Simply launch your assault at the appropriate moment.

fight Arena: "FNAF Battle" has a multitude of fight arenas based on locations from the FNAF games.

Power-ups: Search for and gather the power-ups scattered across the arena to help you win the battle. You can briefly speed up, hit harder, or apply special skills with these power-ups.

Have fun and best of luck!

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