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FNAF Backrooms

FNAF Backrooms manages to combine two of the most popular internet horror series of the last few years, Five Nights at Freddy's and The Backrooms, in a horror survival game in 3D that we highly recommend, so let us explain it right now so you can start giving it your all right away!

See if you can make it through the terrifying FNAF Backrooms online!
Move about with WASD, shift to run, space to jump, and the mouse to look around as you hunt through these eerie passageways for all of the water bottles you need to collect to complete the levels.

There are three in total, with the first requiring you to avoid Freddy, but each successive stage introduces a new villain, namely Bonnie and then Chica. If they catch you, you are dead and must restart from scratch.

We wish you the best of luck and hope that this isn't your last horror game with us, as we are true experts in the genre!

How to play:

You can use WASD, shift, space, and the mouse.

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