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FNAF 8 - Five Nights At Freddy's 8

The new part of the well-known game is called FNAF 8. It has new figures to play with that are fun.

Fun Things to Do
Like in the first part, the new guard will spend five nights in a scary place with scary dolls. During the day, the dolls are unruffled and untalkative. But when nighttime comes, they start having fun. This game has 11 new places to fight and 11 new monsters. In addition to that, there is a whole new method for preventing you from being harmed by them. Stay awake until the sun comes up, and try not to let your fear drive you crazy. In a new version of the video game FNAF 8, the office looks different and the night guard does different things. Robots will think you are someone else if you wear Freddy's mask.

Have fun and best wishes!

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