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Chernobyl Zombie Hell

Chernobyl Zombie Hell is an action-packed shooting game. Since the explosion (Chernobyl tragedy, April 26, 1986), all living organisms in the area near the reactor have been gravely harmed by radiation. Cleaners are sent to the area once a week to keep the monsters at bay. You've been assigned to tidy up this week. You must eliminate zombies, dogs, rats, and other creatures. You'll begin at the regional hospital and work your way down Chernobyl's streets until you reach the tunnels beneath the reactor. Good luck and enjoy yourselves!

How to play

Change weapon = Mouse wheel & 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Grenade = G Interact/Pick item = F Pause = P Leaning = Q, E Lock/Unlock Mouse Cursor = L Move = Arrow keys & W, A, S, D Look = Mouse Shoot = Left mouse button Zoom = Right mouse button Run = Left Shift

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