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Bonnie’s Bakery

At first glance, Bonnie's Bakery looks like a cute game about running a restaurant. However, it's truly a short horror game about a blonde woman named Bonnie.

How to Take Part
Bonnie looks like a good girl because of her cute body, pink bow, and clothes. In reality, she is a sociopathic serial killer who doesn't care who she kills or kidnaps for her bakery, which she loves more than anything else. She will make things worse when she turns her prisoners into food.

But things weren't always this way. Bonnie used to be helpful and kind. Unfortunately, the pressure and judgment of the customers, as well as a terrible thing that happened with a hurt rabbit, drove Bonnie to the edge of insanity and made her want to find more meat. The goal of the game is to get out of jail, and there are five different ways to do that.

Have fun and all the best!

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