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Three Nights At Fred

In the exciting game Three Nights at Fred, inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's, you must survive three nights by choosing your favorite cartoon character!


If you make it through the next three nights, you can keep Fred alive. You must survive three nights as a security guard at this strange pizza establishment. Each stage represents a separate animated toy. You can choose Fred, Foxy, or Foxy as your villain.

Guide to Success

To start, you have the power to decide how your guardian character moves around. WASD allows you to move, teleport, and sprint. You can use F to unlock doors and pick up items. C allows crouching and L locks or unlocks vision. By pressing the L key, you can start the power line with a wrench, unlock the door with a key, and attach the glass.

You have to perform all three levels efficiently to explore and collect every note near the pizzeria at night. Don't allow the evil animatronics to execute or capture you. You can choose the difficulty level and whether your opponent will be Fred, Foxy, or both.

How to play

WASD, mouse, and shift keys for F, C, and L are needed.

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