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Surge is a 3D horror game in which the devil unleashes hell's gates on Earth. A terrifying demon creature has emerged from the gate and is currently terrorizing the earth. Your school has been invaded by monsters; save all the children and obtain the bus key in order to escape this awful area. Without a doubt, Surze is an excellent mobile game. Why don't you join in this game and enjoy it?

How to play the Surze game

Like in other first-person shooters and walking simulators, the controls in this game are straightforward. Pressing WASD on the keyboard will cause the aforementioned motion to occur. Just click around with the mouse to take a look around. By using Ctrl to move silently and Shift to run away from the monster, you can accomplish both of these tasks simultaneously.

Surze feature

- Surze is a playable game that can be played online without downloading or installing anything.

- Turn off the lights and put on your headphones while playing for the most amazing experience.

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