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Funny Shooter

Funny Shooter is a fun shooting game with a lot going on. You can choose from 18 different weapons. Protect yourself from enemy invasion. Different enemies have different sizes and skills. Dodge enemy tridents and grenades. Don't let them use axes, chainsaws or sticks to hurt you. Take down your enemies with bazookas and grenade launchers. Pistols and machine guns can take them down.

How to play

To look around, use the mouse. WASD, W+Shift, Run, Jump, Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button can be used to move (Hold). The mouse wheel allows you to aim. - "follow" or "best" Keys 1–7 are weapons. R means "reload." In Knife Attack, it's worth 1 Q to attack with a knife and 2 G to throw a grenade. Check weapons with T E—take the weapon out or put it away.

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