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Bike Race

In the bike game Bike Race, you ride a motorcycle around crazy, line-drawn tracks and do crazy jumps and tricks.

How to Take Part
You don't need a gadget that can be set up in different ways to get Bike Race and pay for it. The rules of this game are easy to understand. You don't have to use buttons to ride the bike. Move your fingers and make motions with them instead.
If you keep hitting the screen, the bike will move along the rope or, if it has enough speed, fly into the air.
When you move the device to the right, the car moves to the right, and when you move it to the left, the head goes up.
Tap the screen once to stop.
As the player finishes each level or race, new worlds and tracks will open up. Depending on how well you drive and how long it takes you to finish a level, the game will give you one to three stars.

Have fun, and all the best!

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